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Woman in the Maze (2023) (WEB-DL)
A young woman rents a cursed house, forcing her to solve the mystery to find a way out.

The Johnstown Flood (1926) (BluRay)
Tom O'Day is loved by two women, Anna Burger and Gloria Hamilton. Tom has no idea of Anna's love for him, and he becomes engaged to Gloria. Gloria's f

Love Karma (2023) (WEB-DL)
When two strangers discover their spouses are having an affair, they join forces to show their partners what goes around comes around.

Red Flags 2 (2023) (WEB-DL)
FBI Agents are close on Max's trail as he searches into his past to find out the root to his thirst for blood.

Currency 2 (2023) (WEBRip)
Chase and Chris planned payback against Victor and Rexcoin. However, money was short When it was time for Zoo and Chris to pay up to Fresh. Bent on re

Pro Life (2006) (BluRay)
Determined to "rescue" his pregnant daughter from an abortion clinic, a religious fanatic and his sons plan a violent assault - just as the

The Drone that Saved Christmas (2023) (WEBRip)
Tech executive creates a superior drone that saves Christmas around the world.

The Microchip that Ruined Halloween (2023) (WEBRip)
A microchip is implanted to reform a vengeful criminal. His psychiatrist gives him the treat of a lifetime by releasing him to society, but a college

End of Loyalty (2023) (WEBRip)
When the head of the crime family is killed by a rival family, his son Grant vows to get retribution. As his grief turns into violence, his best frien

The Task (2011) (BluRay)
A group of reality show contestants must survive the night in a haunted jail.

My name's Arthur, a huge Internet star who's just hit 3 million subs. While in the midst of throwing an epic party to celebrate, the universe had the

1962 Halloween Massacre (2023) (WEB-DL)
A group of lifelong best friends go to a remote cottage on Halloween Night.

Theres Something in the Barn (2023) (WEBRip)
An American family fulfills their dream of moving back after inheriting a remote cabin in the mountains of Norway.

Room on the Broom (2012) (BluRay)
To the annoyance of her cat a kindly witch allows a dog, a bird and a frog who have helped her retrieve things she has lost to ride on her broomstick,

Frisky Business (2023) (WEBRip)
A defiant shorts exploring passion, persecution, and revolt from past, present, and future eras, ranging from tales of an anxious young drag queen in

Eat Your Heart Out (2023) (WEBRip)
Paolo, an aspiring Italian chef, fresh off of a heartbreak moves from Rome to LA to change his life. To make ends meet he accepts a job as dishwasher

Coming to Africa Welcome to Ghana (2023) (WEB-DL)
For first time since her divorce, Akosua, an African schoolteacher, is in love again.

Golden Delicious (2022) (WEBRip)
When basketball-obsessed Aleks moves across the street, Asian-Canadian teen Jake finds himself trying out for the basketball team to get his attention

Nightmare Man (2006) (BluRay)
After receiving an African fertility mask as a gift Ellen tells her husband William that she's been attacked by a masked phantom called 'the Nightmare

Pastor Brown (2009) (WEB-DL)
When her father unexpectedly falls terminally ill, exotic dancer Jessica "Jesse" Brown returns home for the first time in more than a decade

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